The Founder

Asia Kitaichik is the founder and CEO of Yes We Can Agency, a purpose-driven digital marketing firm based in Milan. With a deep passion for sustainability and a proven talent for transforming creative ideas into successful marketing strategies, Asia has dedicated her career to helping socially responsible companies excel in the digital landscape.

In 2016, Asia founded Yes We Can Agency in Milan, driven by a vision to merge profitability with purpose. This boutique agency specializes in partnering with brands that inspire positive social and environmental change. At Yes We Can, the belief is that creative force is a powerful tool that should be used for good.

Asia’s expertise and leadership have led Yes We Can Agency to achieve remarkable milestones. Asia and her team have developed and executed digital marketing strategies and targeted campaigns that have empowered clients, including leading global corporations, to highlight their sustainability initiatives, cut campaign costs, and boost engagement, conversions, and sales.

Asia prioritizes fostering a creative and supportive work environment. She ensures that her team is motivated and aligned with the mission. Her leadership style is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a deep belief in the power of marketing to drive positive change.

Asia is always eager to connect with fellow professionals and businesses that share the vision of making a positive impact through marketing. Reach out to her at Discover more about Yes We Can Agency’s work and mission here and follow the agency on LinkedIn.