Instituto Cuatro Ciclos

Mental health became an important part of the public conversation during the pandemic, and we can expect it to continue to be a top priority.


Instituto Cuatro Ciclos is a Spanish educational center for mental health professionals, who tasked us with scaling online sales across markets using social media and email campaigns.


The areas of expansion were Latin America, Italy, Spain and United States.
All of these required different approaches and creatives in different languages.

Our team of copywriters created a series of clear and informative emails that helped professionals understand the value of each course, and drive conversions.


On social media we opted for descriptive visuals that reflected the value proposition – and the brand image.
Testing has revealed that the best performing creatives indicated ways of how the professionals could help their patients using the knowledge from the course. Their true mission was helping people.
It was time for us to roll out the campaign.


In order to make their products accessible for the low-income countries, Instituto Cuatro Ciclos created special promocodes that allowed them to bring top quality international mental health courses to Latin America.

We opened an account on Instagram specifically for performance marketing purposes but were impressed to see how quickly it grew from 0 to the first 1000 followers.


Scale international online sales using social media and email campaigns.

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    Instituto Cuatro Ciclos

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